The Importance Of Wearing Decent Clothing

One of the oddest social or cultural phenomena since the Second World War is the change in criteria which people use to purchase garments. For thousands of years before then, people liked the best possible clothing that they could get and one of the criteria that they used to judge eachother was their dress sense or the quality of their clothes.

This all started to change in the Seventies when it became more significant to not be seen wearing the same article too often, so it became more desirable to have five cheap shirts that would not last long than to have one high quality shirt that would last for years. How did this shift in principles come about?

The most obvious people to blame are the fashion designers (or their imitators) and the advertisers. Individuals without much money to spend on clothes do not like to be seen in the same blue shirt on every other occasion, they would rather have several colours, but perhaps these individuals do not understand the difference in the quality.

The quality of one's clothing is vital as most women and about half as many men know. First impressions count and bright and cheerful (but cheap) is not as impressive to those who know the difference as quality.

To those people who say that the person should count over the clothing, I would say 'Yes, in a perfect world. One day, but it is not the way it works now'. Why do people dress up for a date, and especially the first date? Why do people dress up for an interview? And why do individuals dress up to go to court?

It is because clothing matters and first impressions count and deep down, we all know it even though most of us wish that it did not count so much.

First of all, it is important to find a style that suits you. Then you should purchase items of clothing that are decent examples of that style. They will not be cheap, but is a Hell's Angel's leather jacket cheap? Certainly not. Whatever niche you think you fit into or want to fit into, purchase the appropriate clothing to stand out for quality.

I am not saying that people have to dress appropriate to their age group, I am saying that people should dress appropriate to the upper echelons of their niche group. If you would like to become a Hell's Angel, get one of the best leather jackets and if you want to work in an office, buy yourself a good suit. Just because you cannot tell the difference between a cheap one and a decent one does not mean that your peers cannot as well.

You just have so much scope to transform your physical appearance, but you can still create a big impression by wearing quality clothing like a decent overcoat, a decent suit, a good cardigan or a good shirt. The ones who know the difference will notice and it will not damage your prospects.


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