Little Black Party Dress

In a must-have list for a woman's closet, the little black party dress is near the top. Every woman, after all, will be invited to parties where cocktail dresses are the stylish attire at many points in her life so it pays to be prepared.It is not even necessary to acquire dozens of little black party dresses to clutter the closet. Since each little black dress is versatile in that its basic look can be transformed into many different looks with a simple change of accessories including jewelry, bags and shoes, just a few will do.There are many ways to dress up and dress down a little black party dress so that the effect achieved is always that of a style icon. Here are the most important tips from choosing to accessorizing the little black dress for whatever occasion from a hot date to a cocktail party.Find One That Fits PerfectlyFashion experts agree that the best investment in party dresses is to find one that fits in all the right places from the shoulders to the knees. The little black dress is designed t...


The Importance Of Wearing Decent Clothing

One of the oddest social or cultural phenomena since the Second World War is the change in criteria which people use to purchase garments. For thousands of years before then, people liked the best possible clothing that they could get and one of the criteria that they used to judge eachother was their dress sense or the quality of their clothes.This all started to change in the Seventies when it became more significant to not be seen wearing the same article too often, so it became more desirable to have five cheap shirts that would not last long than to have one high quality shirt that would last for years. How did this shift in principles come about?The most obvious people to blame are the fashion designers (or their imitators) and the advertisers. Individuals without much money to spend on clothes do not like to be seen in the same blue shirt on every other occasion, they would rather have several colours, but perhaps these individuals do not understand the difference in the quality.The quality of one's cl...


Plus Size And Pregnant Women

The vast majority of large or plus size women will undergo a perfectly normal pregnancy, but because there is an increased risk factor, they will notice that the medical staff will fuss around them a lot more and they may have to go in for tests more frequently than a woman whose weight is regular for her size. This is understandableThe fact is that a woman who has a Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than 25 has a higher chance of developing complications like gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia, which is a condition of raised blood pressure during pregnancy affecting the mother and the baby. It is unsure why these conditions are more prevalent in overweight women but it is something that doctors take very seriously.It should be stressed again that babies from overweight mothers do not normally suffer any ill effects, but there are a few higher risks. Another of these is that it is known that babies from overweight mothers also run a higher risk of having more neural tube defects which have to do with the crea...


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